Your current clients are discoverable in Leadpresso. Just like your future ones.

Database of your future clients with actionable signals in 32 countries. Including 10 fast-growing emerging markets. It’s quick as making espresso.

You'll be in a good company

Micro-Category Targeting

With more than 1400 categories companies use to describe their business you can easily target the most appropriate companies for your solutions. Data about micro-category means better personalization and a higher close rate.

Unique data pool

Facebook is the largest channel SMBs use to market themselves and communicate with customers. This makes is a goldmine of data that companies like yours can leverage. All data in Leadpresso is organized around millions of Facebook Business Pages and enriched using other sources.

Leadpresso brings benefits to

Our signature coffee

We love coffee. We love it that much that we incorporated espresso into our name - hence Leadpresso. But our love for coffee goes even further. We roast our own Leadpresso coffee that we happily share with our clients and partners.

Nothing beats sipping delicious coffee while your prospect list gets filled with leads!

Saas companies

Start a personalized outreach at scale using exportable data from Leadpresso. Including emails and other contact information. Leadpresso works for any kind of B2B saas and especially well for all social media, POS, accounting, marketing, and content related software companies.


Marketing agencies

Look for underperforming companies locally or globally and offer them your services via multiple contact options provided in Leadpresso. Be among first to offer new hot services like Messenger chatbots to new clients at scale. 


Get your free data


Find local shops, vendors, and partners in multiple countries to grow your distribution network. Data signals like reviews, number of fans and others will help you select the best local partners for your products.


Integration partners

Are you serving tech companies, agencies or brands and would like to help them find new clients? Integrate Leadpresso into your app, deepen a relationship, reduce churn and increase revenue. 


Leadpresso stats

  • 32 countries
  • 16+ million companies
  • 20+ data signals 

Leadpresso Emerging Markets

  • 10 countries
  • 5+ million companies


Customers (logoti)

  • MobileMonkey
  • Bot Academy
  • Vend
  • Sqwiz
  • ChatWhale
  • Albert
  • Equa
  • Goat Story